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Default 04-14-2005, 11:34 AM

Hello everyone!

I am about to sign up. I just wanted to get an explanation first.

1: Can you withdraw the 25$ and 10$ as soon as they are credited and you account is verified and opened or does the user need to wait a certain amount of time to withdraw? I know some offers may credit immediately but want you to wait 10 days or 30 days etc. I know ING credits the account immediately but I am not sure if they let you withdraw immediately.

2: I notice that a lot of people say that they need a first name, last name and email address in order to send me a referral, BUT, it looks like some of you have figured out a way to bypass that and just post up a link.

a: Is each of those links only good for one sign up or are each of them good for 25 sign ups? If they are each good for 25 sign ups then how did you get several accounts?

b: Exactly how are you referring people directly by simply posting a link when many people think that they must get a first name, last name and email address to fill out the referral form and send an email in order to get people to sign up?

3: Can I start referring people the second after I complete my sign up or do I need to wait several days for ING to send the deposits to my account and verify my account?

Hopefully, one of you can answer this fast because I could use the ability to start referring people now.


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