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Default 04-14-2005, 11:51 AM

To answer your questions:

1: There is a 30-day hold on bonuses. The money is in your account and it earns interest during that time, you just can't withdraw it until the 30-day wait is over.

2a: Each link is only good for one person, but each person who has an account can "generate" up to 25 referral links (or referral emails, whichever you prefer).

2b: To get the URLs for the direct links, I sent referral emails to myself and then copied the URL from the email and posted it. Anyone with an ING Direct account can use this strategy. ING Direct doesn't actually use the first name and last name except to customize the e-mail and make it look personalized to the person who receives it. (In other words, the bank doesn't check to make sure the person who opens the account is the same person who received the referral email.)

So far, 5 people have used my direct links and they received a bonus. The only disadvantage to using a direct link (since the direct link is posted for everyone) is: you need to check to see whether or not the direct link has been used yet. The blue text above the application form will tell you if the link has been used.

3: You do need to wait a few days while your account is being opened and verified, before you can log in and start making referrals.

hope that helps.

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