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Default 04-14-2005, 12:25 PM

Thanks, tmmycat!

1: Gotcha.

2a: Gotcha.

2b: Can you send all these referrals to the same email address, or do you have to create multiple email accounts. And, is this 100% flawless or is there some way that ING could think that you were referring yourself over and over again? I know that you said that they do not check for name but maybe they qould be concerned about the email addresses. I suppose not because as long as the sign ups all use different names and different checking accounts then everything should be fine. Please confirm.

***About checking to see whether a direct link has been used or not:
I tried a couple of people's referral links. I saw the difference between a valid link and a non valid one. Just for everyone else's info: when you click on the direct link, then you click on open now or complete application from phone call.

A valid link will say: To start saving with our great rates and receive your $25.00 bonus, open and fund your Orange Savings Account now! ... in bold blue letters at the top of the next page.

An invalid link that is expired or has already been used will say:
The link you’ve used to open a new Orange Savings Account has either expired, or has already been used. This is no longer a valid referral link. Blah blah. ... in bold blue letters at the top of the next page.

So, gotcha.

3: Understood about the wait to verify before refer. That's a bummer. But, no way around that as it seems.

So, thanks for answering my questions. Please let me know about 2b follow-up question asap. Looks like I will be signing up with you since you are being so helpful.

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